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WeatherMax 3D

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WeatherMax 3D

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A water resistant, UV fade resistant, highly elastic fabric, stretching 30-100 percent

Quantity per metre    /    Width - 152cm

WeatherMax 3D


WeatherMax 3D Light Charcoal WM1514-334

WeatherMax 3D Light Charcoal WM1514-334

WeatherMax 3D Light Charcoal WM1514-334

WeatherMax 3D Black Charcoal WM1514-355

WeatherMax 3D Light Charcoal WM1514-334

WeatherMax 3D Light Mist WM1514-468



WeatherMAX 3D is a high-performance outdoor technical fabric intended for sun shades, protective covers or any application requiring outdoor durability.  The highly elastic fabric stretches 30–100 percent. WeatherMAX 3D is water-resistant and has long-term UV and fade resistance.



WeatherMax cover and awning material offers the perfect balance of science, toughness and style.  It is a lightweight, waterproof, breathable, non sagging and durable fabric, ideal for covers, awnings, UV strips, upholstery, cushions, umbrellas and sun shades.  WeatherMax is available in two weights with various finishes and a wide range of colours to suit all applications.

BREATHABILITY  The breathability of a fabric for certain applications is every bit as important as its ability to stop water getting in. In the UK marine environment especially, water ingress and condensation are a fact of life.  The ability of the fabric to breathe is essential in reducing dampness, heat build up and condensation, which in turn reduces the chances of problems such as, mould, mildew and osmosis etc.

WATERPROOF  HydroMax is a highly water repellent impregnated finish that helps give WeatherMax the ability to protect against heavy rain whilst keeping its breathability and dimensional stability.  The finish is also highly resistant to dirt and staining and has an added anti-microbial component to help prevent potential mildew or mould growth on top of the fabric.

UV PROTECTION  WeatherMax is made from the SaturaMax yarn, which is a high quality solid pigment solution dyed polymer yarn.  As the colour is physically part of the polymer yarn itself, it offers superior colour consistency, light fastness and strength characteristics.  The exceptional quality of this yarn ensures the fade resistance of the WeatherMax is equal to that of acrylic fabrics.

STRENGTH AND ABRASION  WeatherMax is made with filament yarns which can be stretched but will recover to their original length completely, providing a very stable cover that will not shrink or grow.  Acrylics, in comparison, are made from spun yarns that also stretch under load but do not recover completely, leading to unsightly sagging.  WeatherMax also has twice the strength of acrylic and is six times more durable under abrasion and rubbing.

WEIGHT  WeatherMax is available in two weights to suit all applications. The standard WeatherMax 80 has a weight of 271g per sq metre and the lightweight WeatherMax LT has a weight of 220g per sq metre.

WEAVE  WeatherMax 80 is woven using an Ottoman weave, a combination of a plain and basket weave and which creates the best combination of strength, durability and stability.  It gives WeatherMax its firm feel and subtle ribbed texture, refined to the eye and luxurious to the hand.  WeatherMax LT is woven using a standard plain weave to help reduce weight and give the fabric a smoother and lighter feel.

WEATHERMAX COLOURS  The colours shown on our website are representative only and subject to the limitations of screen display and printing process.  For critical colour choice always refer to an actual fabric sample.

WeatherMax 80 - A waterproof and breathable fabric for covers, awnings, UV strips, upholstery, cushions, umbrellas and  sun shades.

WeatherMax 80 Wide - Same superb qualities of the standard WeatherMax 80, just wider at 200cm for those larger jobs.

WeatherMax LT - A lighter weight version of the WeatherMax 80 but not compromising excellent waterproof and breathable properties.

WeatherMax 80 FR - A fire retardant fabric with all the performance features of the standard WeatherMax.

WeatherMax 80 PU Coated - A increased degree of water proofness and with all the excellent properties of WeatherMax 80, with only a reduction in breathability.

WeatherMax 3D - A water resistant, UV fade resistant, highly elastic fabric, stretching 30-100 percent.

THE PERFECT BALANCE  If you want to build a cover that is highly breathable but still water resistant, strong, stable, lightweight and will look the part for years to come, then WeatherMax is your answer!


Colour disclaimer:  Whilst every effort has been made to show colours as true as possible, due to variation in monitors and browsers the actual colour may vary from that seen online.  Screen images are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct.


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