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Supercruise 140cm

Supercruise 140cm

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All round cruising fabric

Quantity per metre    /    Width - 140cm


4.0 oz Supercruise 142cm


5.0 oz Supercruise 140cm


6.0 oz Supercruise 140cm


7.0 oz Supercruise 140cm


8.0 oz Supercruise 140cm


9.0 oz Supercruise 140cm


10.0 oz Supercruise 140cm



Contender Supercruise is the all round performance cruising fabric.

The cruising sailor’s cloth requirements, although different from the racing sailor’s, are no less demanding. Cruising sails must provide a level of durability in keeping with the demands of the cruising sailor, whether they be blue water, coastal, or weekend excursions. Stretch performance is also a consideration, as efficient sail shapes can help boat speed and handling, making a cruise more comfortable and enjoyable. Finally, good cruising sailcloth must be designed with quality in mind. Sails can be a substantial investment for their owners who will expect years of service from their sail inventory.

Supercruise styles combine quality high tenacity fibre selection with high beat-up constructions for improved stretch resistance, bias stability and fabric recovery.

supercruise finish

Efficiently woven in a high tenacity polyester and available in wide width for ease of production. With our standard polypreg finish it can be used across a wide range of applications.

Our Supercruise Polypreg finish is designed to balance shape holding bias stability with an ease of handle that allows for good furling and ease of flake and stacking for the main on the boom.

supercruise weight range

  • High performance cruising fabrics at an economical price
  • Polypreg finish for reliable performance


supercruise applications


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