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RBS Epoxy Non-Tapered Leech Battens

The RBS non-tapered battens have soft tips and are designed to be used in the leeches of mainsails and jibs, offering excellent durability. 

As a guide, 10mm and 12mm widths are primarily used for jib and main battens for Dinghy’s and smaller One Design classes.  15mm width battens are used in beach catamarans and smaller cruising mains and jibs.  19mm and 25mm width battens are used for mains and jibs for larger boats of 30ft and over.

RBS Batten Code  An example of an RBS order code: E19230/100F (E–19–230 / 100–F)
E19230/100F - The code will always start with E or CB for Epoxy or Carbon.
E19230/100F - The next 2 numbers represent batten width in millimeters (10mm, 15mm etc).
E19230/100F - The 3 following numbers are thickness in inches (.160“, .230“ etc).
E19230/100F - The next measurement is order length in centimeters (/100, /240 etc).
E19230/100F - The last letter states the taper with F for flex/leech batten, C a compression/full batten, R a reverse compression for a flat, full entry or NT for non-tapered.