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Q-Snap Stud Cover

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Q-Snap Stud Cover

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A neat Q-Snap stud cover to protect snagging

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Q-Snap Stud Cover

Q-Snap Stud Cover x 10 QS190100-010

Q-Snap Stud Cover

Q-Snap Stud Cover x 25 QS190100-025

Q-Snap Stud Cover

Q-Snap Stud Cover x 100 QS190100-100



In the event the small hook might be in a position which could snag, Q-Snap have made a neat elegant stud cover to protect feet and clothes.

Available in light grey only.


  • Easy to use
  • Tight and secure connection
  • Quick to install
  • Quality smart and robust

Q-Snap is a high quality secured fastener with a lever and stretch function.  It was developed primarily for boat covers and sprayhoods, but is also perfect for any application that requires the cover material to be tight and secure. 

The patented Q-Snap fitting is just like a normal press stud fastener, but with two additional parts, a shaped washer between the socket and the material and a hook attached to the stud on the deck. This combination turns the press stud fastener into a secured connection that will not pop loose and as it also incorporates a lever system, it stretches the cover fabric nicely as it is being attached.  Because of this lever action integrated into the Q-Snap, anyone can easily overcome the tension required to fix covers tightly. 

The Q-Snap press stud will not pop loose, no matter what the angle is between the fixed surface and the cover.  The Q-Snap is the only press stud fastener in the world that is exclusively made from 316 Stainless Steel.  Even the spring clip in the socket is totally corrosion resistant and a thin layer of silicone rubber under the stud prevents tension corrosion.  It is quick and easy to install with the special professional time saving smart tools that were developed together with Europe's leading cover makers.


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