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Fibercon Pro Hybrid Dyneema 145cm

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Fibercon Pro Hybrid Dyneema 145cm

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Quantity per metre    /    Width - 145cm

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Fibercon Pro Hybrid 6.65

6.65 Fibercon Pro Hybrid 145cm

Fibercon Pro Hybrid 6.65

7.65 Fibercon Pro Hybrid 145cm

Fibercon Pro Hybrid 6.65

8.65 Fibercon Pro Hybrid 145cm

Fibercon Pro Hybrid 6.65

9.65 Fibercon Pro Hybrid 145cm

Fibercon Pro Hybrid 6.65

10.65 Fibercon Pro Hybrid 145cm

Fibercon Pro Hybrid 6.65

12.65 Fibercon Pro Hybrid 145cm



Fibercon® Hybrid “powered with Dyneema” is a new addition to the Contender Fibercon® Pro range of performance woven sailcloths. Carefully designed with performance cruising yachts and long distance cruising in mind, Fibercon® Hybrid combines tremendous strength and durability in a woven fabric suited to today’s high-tech radial sails.

Fibercon® Hybrid is a warp oriented woven fabric which uses a mix of our exclusive Fibercon® Polyester yarns with super-durable, high strength Dyneema fibres. Its bias and fill strength comes from Contender’s tight weaving, the use of the Dyneema/Fibercon mix in both warp and fill, and a unique coating, developed specially for this range of fabrics. With a radial panel layout and the weights available from the Fibercon® Hybrid range, you can choose to combine different weights within the sail. Matching the fabric to the loading of a particular area of the sail in this way can make the sail lighter and more efficient.

Because it uses a woven construction incorporating the incredibly tough Dyneema yarns, Fibercon® Hybrid shows superb resistance to impact damage and wear and tear in use or to the growth of unsightly mildew. The 30:70 ratio of Dyneema to Fibercon makes a fabric close to double the performance of a normal polyester weave.

Large 800 denier Dyneema yarns give Fibercon® Hybrid its unique appearance and protect the fabric from impact, tearing and abrasion damage in use. We have developed a unique new coating especially for this range of fabrics. This coated finish stabilises the weave and locks the Dyneema & Fibercon fibres in place, combining with Contender’s renowned tight weaving to give these fabrics their excellent bias stability and durability. The result is a super-durable, high performance cruising sailcloth which is much stronger than normal woven fabrics and which makes stable, long lasting and great looking radial sails.

Fibercon® Hybrid “powered with Dyneema” fabrics are available in a range of weights which are suited to almost all popular performance cruising yachts and are the ideal choice for many custom projects.

To summarise:-

  • Warp oriented – perfect for radial sails
  • Super-strong and durable Dyneema yarns
  • Hybrid weave with Fibercon® Polyester
  • Woven, not laminated – no film so reduced chance of mildew
  • Fill support – Dyneema/Fibercon® in both warp and fill
  • Bias stability – tight weave + new coated finish
  • Almost twice the performance of polyester of the same weight
  • Extra durability due to large Dyneema yarns
  • 145cm wide – for more economical cutting
  • Wide range of weights available
  • Sold per metre (quantity)

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