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CAF-316 Stainless Steel Socket

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CAF-316 Stainless Steel Socket

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High quality and durable CAF-316 Stainless Steel Socket

Quantity - 100 or 1,000

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CAF-316 Stainless Steel Socket

CAF-316 Socket x 100 CAF220000-0100

CAF-316 Stainless Steel Socket

CAF-316 Socket x 1000 CAF220000-1000



The CAF-316 Stainless Steel Sockets are high quality and durable.


Most press fasteners used in rough conditions such as marine applications are not even resistant to sea water... until now!  About the smallest item on deck is now available in real 316 stainless steel: CAF-316®.  True durability with even the spring inside made of Duplex stainless steel quality to ensure the fastener performance is stable over time and use, no matter the conditions.

Sea Water Resistant  CAF-316 is a press fastener, made of high quality material 316 Stainless Steel.

Reliable Performance  Even the spring inside the socket is made of Duplex stainless steel quality, ensuring the fastener performance is stable over time and use without deformation, no matter the conditions.

Easy to Install  Installation is like a normal press fastener (self piercing shaft) using the same application tools from hand punch to full automatic machines.

Variety of Colours  With caps being enamelled 316 stainless steel for a perfect match with your canvas.

When it comes to quality and durability, it is all in the detail: imagine arriving at your boat for an exciting or relaxing trip you discover some of the press fasteners of your boat cover didn’t stand the rough weather of last weekend and popped loose.  The damage is easily explained when taking a closer look to see they have rusted and  the protection of your precious property is dependent on these little parts.  Ever wondered why with the technical developments nowadays this obvious problem is not solved?  From now on you will only trust on the real durability of true stainless steel fasteners: CAF-316®, no compromise.


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